Taxes In High School

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As a middle school student, taxes paid by people in Pasco County impact our everyday life. Now, parents always try to make it seem like taxes are a bad thing, always emphasizing paying it every month and panicking when they get to high. But taxes are a good thing, for just a small amount of money, they help to build and improve roads, fund our education, and provide public safety. First of all, taxes help to build and maintain roads. Right now, I live right outside a neighborhood, and they are expanding the road and putting in a sidewalk leading right to the Wesley Chapel School Complex and the nearby park. I think that this will be very beneficial to people going to the park or the school that live in the nearby area. Plus, it’s safe, because they put in a stoplight, allowing pedestrians to safely cross one side of the intersection to the next, without the risk of a car running you over.…show more content…
Most schools are funded by taxes, allowing for school lunches and programs to happen. Also, teachers get paid with taxes, so if no one pays taxes, teachers don 't get paid, and as the son of a teacher, that is very important to us. And with the new school, Cypress Creek, that was probably made from taxes, and it’s going to hopefully solve the overpopulation and Wiregrass and Wesley Chapel High School. Next, taxes help our public safety stay funded. If we are in an emergency, such as robbery, a fire, or a threat, we have people risking their life to protect us, and they get paid by taxes. Without them, the world would be more dangerous. Taxes, might not be too much of a concern to us now, but they help us everyday, from schools, roads, and public safety, just to name a few that i believe have the most impact as an 8th
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