Cab Industry Analysis

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Industry Profile
Taxi Services:
A Taxi services or a Cab services is a type of vehicle hiring services where vehicle are hired for a single use or on a contract base for any organization. Taxicab Many organization used taxi or cab as their daily transport service to pick and drop their employees to their respective places. Meter taxi or Auto is also a type of taxi services where passengers are charged according to the meter fare and the distance they travelled. Today many company are establishing taxi cab business to provide a better transportation facility for the day to day life or for a particular single journey. Cabs are systematic fully operated with latest technology
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Taxicab is the best services for any corporate world for providing pick up and drop facility to their employees. Providing their own transportation services may attracts employee to get in to the organization. Everyone needs comfort and safety where providing companies own transportation services will help employees to get stick on the job. Taxi can be hired for a daily basis or for a monthly basis. Passengers book cabs either for their single journey or make a contract for monthly…show more content…
Keeping pollution control in mind Ola and Uber runs all pollution free vehicles and also follows all the traffic lane and discipline in the street. Ola and Uber cabs both are each other’s competitors and are running their own business smoothly. There is a huge competition between Ola and Uber in India. Ola cabs provide lots of offer to the customer to ride Ola cabs whereas Uber also in the market provides better offer in compare to Ola. Some of the women thinks that cabs are more risky to travel at night, some thinks cab driver are not so trustworthy. There are also commercial cabs which is used for transporting goods from one place to another. All cabs are registered into the authority of transport department and the cabs driver are provided valid license only when they passed the trial to drive the cab. Today cab services is highly demanded in busy cities as because of public transportation are not safe to travel, everyone needs comfort and no one wants to share a seat with unknown person. In India there was many cabs services company like easycabs, Merucabs, coolcabs, etc. which today is no more only because of competitors in the

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