Taylor Rabinowe: The Conniving Princess

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Once upon a time there was a girl, a princess. She was the fairest of them all, incredibly kind, and the all around best person to have as a princess of a kingdom. However all was not well. The princess had run off, with some merchant boy who had sailed in with the latest shipment of timber and stone. Quite the scandal. Rumors flew. Some said the boy had seduced her, and then after the act the princess had realized she could not return, causing her to flee with the one man who would not have any connections with her kingdom, freeing her from social suicide. Others remarked how she had always been a conniving girl, her kindness a facade for her nefarious activities, such as the coven of witches she had started a few years back. Other outrageous…show more content…
Indeed. The princess was still in the kingdom, she had not run off, no, she had simply faked her own death. Alas, it had not turned out quite the way she had expected. All because of one girl. Taylor Rabinowe. Feisty thing she was. Her coloring looked to be Italian, or possibly Germanic. She was tall for a girl of seventeen, and her rich black hair had been chopped short for her journey. In other words she looked to be a merchant boy, on the cusp of manhood. Upon the princess realizing that this merchant was not like the others in one serious way Taylor had pulled her aside, where they were seen by some of the servants of the house. This was the start of the rumors, and they only grew from there. Taylor threatened the princess that if the secret was not kept there would be serious repercussions, in terms of the number of limbs the princess walked away with. However, the princess ended up spilling the beans about trying to fake her death, so that she might marry her love, a poor servant who worked in the kitchens. Hearing this Taylor decided to help the princess…show more content…
You see, the King’s guards had recognized the merchant boy who was said to have taken their princess about the square, and well, here we are with Taylor sprinting down a side alley, tripping over drunk, sleeping, or dead bodies. The flies buzzed throughout the putrid humid
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