Taylor Swift Commercial Analysis

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What do coca cola and Taylor Swift have in common? Well for starters they are both well known around the world but for different reasons Taylor swift is a popular song artist and coca cola is a refreshing beverage. Taylor Swift has recently released a new music album and has partnered up with coca cola in a commercial which promotes not only her new album but also promotes coca cola’s beverage diet coke. This commercial introduces Taylor Swift at the beginning playing with a kitten then she takes a sip of diet coke and another kitten appears and it continues the more sips she takes more kittens appear in front of her. As the commercial progresses music begins to play matching the overall mood of the commercial, which is joyful. Towards the middle of the commercial the Taylor is surrounded with kittens she raises her bottle and the commercial says, “What if life tasted good as diet coke?” The commercial ends with a kitten next to a photo of the Taylor’s new album and the name of it written across the bottom which is named “1989”. Coca cola has their logo on the other side of the kitten. The very last thing we hear is Taylor announcing her new album, “Pick up my new album 1989 October 27th.”…show more content…
Fallacies that are used include celebrity and exaggeration. The celebrity fallacy is throughout the whole commercial by using Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift helps the commercial because it gives the audience a reason to associate diet coke and the commercial it helps them remember the commercial. People will be more inclined to buy diet coke if Taylor drinks it just because she is a famous celebrity. Exaggeration is seen throughout the commercial it shows kittens appear every time Taylor takes a sip of diet coke. We know that when we drink diet coke a kitten is not going to magically appear. The commercial used exaggeration to make a point that diet coke makes life taste
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