Taylor Swift Mean Girls Analysis

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If you’ve seen the movie “Mean Girls”, you know that the story revolves around a group of girls that are considered the “elite popular group”. These girls see themselves as better than others and if crossed seek to destroy the person who dared to interfere with their life. While today's celebrities may take turns holding this status, there are always a select group of celebrities that stand out as the top “mean girls”.

You likely won’t be surprised to find out that Taylor Swift remains a top contender for "mean girl" status. It’s fair to say that Taylor Swift is all about Taylor Swift even on her childhood best friend’s wedding day. Typically, when appointed the role of maid of honor for a friend’s wedding, you hold a very special place in the bride’s heart. As the maid of honor, you are entrusted with the bride’s most important day of her life. She trusts you to support her in every way possible ensuring this day goes off without a hitch. That is, unless you are Taylor Swift and feel that it’s appropriate to not only invite reporters to your best friend’s wedding, ,but do so to have the interview be solely about you. This isn’t Taylor’s first stunt that lands her in the “mean girl” category and it seems it certainly won’t be her last.
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While Katy Perry has been known to publicly paint Taylor Swift as a mean girl of Hollywood, she has pulled some of her own stunts that give her an entry into the "mean girl" club of 2016. She has been called a bully more than once. American songwriter, Ryn Weaver has called Perry out as a bully stating that she was the recipient of nasty behavior that ended in Perry telling people that Weaver was “obsessed with
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