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Imagine being on a stage. Lights shining down on you, people screaming your name...that’s a regular day for Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is a 28 year old pop singer who dominates the music charts every time she drops a new bop. She has grown up in the music industry and has made her name well-known. Swift is often caught up with paparazzi and other media involving false drama and relationships. A good majority of her songs are based on her past relationships and friendships. The media loves to eat all of the juicy gossips up and Taylor supplies lots of it for them.
Taylor started out her music career when she was young. It all started when she was born on December 13, 1989. She was born as a healthy girl in Reading, Pennsylvania to Andrea and Scott Swift (Spence 3). Her mother loved horses and the first time her mother put her on a saddle, she was only 9 months old. From then on she grew up riding horses and she absolutely loved them. Taylor Swift lived on her family’s Christmas Tree farm outside of Wyomissing, Pennsylvania (Taylor Swift). Swift often wrote small songs and different kinds of poems (Spence 15). When she was in the fourth grade, she won a poetry contest with her poem, “Monster in My Closet” (Linde 11).
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She inspires many people to believe in themselves, and I have been to one of her 1989 concerts. Throughout the concert, she talked about how grateful she is for all the support she gets and encourages her fans to work hard. She is very positive and a great idol to have. Her Instagram is always filled with positive things that she sends out to her adoring fans. She has said that her fanbase, Swifties, and herself are “in it together” and she always talks about how much she loves them. Taylor absolutely LOVES her fans, she does so much for them and they do more back for her. It’s an endless cycle of spreading positivity. Are you a

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