Taylor Swift Song Analysis

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Ever since 2008 ,when the song “Love Story” by Taylor Swift came out, it has been very relevant to current culture. Most teenagers in this decade would know this song if it came on the radio. With catchy choruses and melodies, it follows the love story of Romeo and Juliet, not the tragic side. In the authentic script, Romeo and Juliet meet at Juliet’s party and fall in love as soon as they lay eyes on eachother. Taylor Swift describes their meeting as, “See the lights; see the party, the ball gowns. See you make your way through the crowd-” (Swift) The imagery used in these lyrics paints a picture of warmth, happiness and celebration. It seems innocent and free of fear or worry. But, she was careful to describe their meeting. Swift chose to sing…show more content…
The person listening to her song can relate to the lyrics of, “This love is difficult, but it’s real. Don’t be afraid, we’ll make it out of this mess.” (Swift) because we have all faced through time where the best we could do was hope for the best and wait for change. By using Juliet’s internal conflict, Swift is able to connect with the audience about making hard decisions. But, those lyrics aren’t necessarily true to the story. Her intention of writing this song may have been to give hope of a happy ending to her audience but, as most people know, Romeo and Juliet don’t get a happy ending. Using the Romeo and Juliet’s story as an example to tell her own may have been effective in that way but it strayed from the themes of freewill and its consequences that are so important in the original story. It is completely understandable why she stayed away from the violent parts of the story. Maybe to keep a happy tone throughout or to give hope to her audience. But, she twisted the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet into a message of hope, which is actually
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