Taylormade Advertisement Analysis

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In life there are two types of people, successful ones and unsuccessful ones. The average person wants to be successful, no one wants to be a failure, everyone wants to succeed. People have different ways of representing success, but they all have the same meaning. To become successful, most people are told to do the simple things because people want simplicity in life. This motto is used in just about every profession like sports or designing something. In the Taylormade ad campaign, they use this motto in the ads to promote the products through an association with winning, visual appeal, and by making the ads relatable to one another (4-5; 16-17; 1). The Taylormade advertisements associate themselves with success through the color gold. The advertisements use gold repeatedly, in the most important parts of the ads, like the words and the “#1 Driver in Golf “ logo. Taylormade does this not only to draw the reader in, but to also make the audience associate Taylormade with gold. Throughout the world, people use gold…show more content…
All the ads have the same colors, and background pattern. With the same colors and background, it is easy for the audience to see that the clubs go together as a set, so if they buy one of the products, they should complete the set and buy the others. The ads also give out the same emotion. The reader doesn’t get different emotions from the ads, they get the same emotion of winning. I believe if some things don’t go together then I won’t buy it, just like when someone goes to buy shoes, they want matching shoes so they want to feel the same emotion towards them. If the ads were to make the audience feel different then they could have different thoughts about them, which Taylormade doesn’t want because they want to sell more products and make more money. The colors along with the overall feelings from the ads makes them seem that they work
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