Tayten Beauty Salon Research Proposal

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One Research Task Project : Chapter 1

Will Tayten Beauty Salon be Profitable in the Nelspruit Community?

Zoewie Paul [Student - Nelspruit High School]

Table of Contents
I. Introduction Paragraph: 3
II. Research Questions: 3
III. Hypothesis: 3
IV. Background to my study (problem): 4
V. Statement of the problem: 4
VI. Purpose of the Study: 4
VII. Significance of the Study (the why): 4
VIII. Research Design: 5
VIII.1 Internet research questions on the businesses: 5
VIII.2 Questionnaire to the consumers: 5
IX. Internet Research: 5
X. Literature review: 6
XI. Tayten Beauty Salon’s Mission, Vision Statements & Success Factors: 8
XI.1 Tayten: 8
Mission Statement: 8
Vision Statement: 8
XII. The Mission, Vision Statements & Success Factors of each Business: 9
XII.1 Je Ne Sais Quoi : 9
Sorbet: 9
XII.2 Dinasty Spa: 9
XII.3 Freyja: 10
XIII. Example of Survey to Customer: 11
XIV. Results from Survey: 12
XIV.1 Beauty Products: 12
XIV.2 Should Tayten open up: 13
XIV.3 Cheap or Expensive: 14
XIV.4 Best Location: 14
XIV.5 How Much do Customers Pay: 15
XIV.6 Bigger Variety: 15
XIV.7 Home-runned or Mall: 16
XIV.8 Natural or Artificial: 16
XIV.9 Age: 17

I. Introduction Paragraph:

Research will be done on the Nelspruit community to investigate which beauty products they have to offer. Data will be collected through questionnaires and surveys. Similar businesses in the beauty industry such as Je Ne Sais Quoi; Purple Moss; La Belle Vie; Sorbet Nelspruit; Allure; Face

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