Tda 2.2 Health And Social Care Essay

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National government, as in the Department for Education, is responsible for setting legislation for the codes of practice for the education system, the national curriculum and the Early Years Foundation Stage which schools and nurseries follow. It tries to find innovative ways to promote the quality of service available in the education system considering the five steps of Every Child Matters (1.Enjoy and achieve. 2. Stay safe. 3. Be healthy. 4. Achieve economic well-being. 5. Make a positive contribution) and making sure they are implemented in schools and education systems. It is also responsible for funding research for education based projects which concern children and young people as well as developing workforce reforms such as the 202…show more content…
2 Q.16 There are many different organisations which work with children and young people: • Social services • Local safeguarding childrenâ€TMs board • Local charities and helplines (NSPCC etc.) • Police and probation services • Health visitors, GPs and health professionals (psychologists etc.) Social services work together with the Local safeguarding childrenâ€TMs board (LSCB) to keep children safe from harm. The LSCB scrutinizes the information provided by social services and other relevant agencies (with representatives from all key organisations who work with children) which together agree on how local services and professionals should work all unitedly to safeguard and promote childrenâ€TMs welfare. The work of the LSCB is based on the Childrenâ€TMs Act 204, which provid the framework for the protection and care of all children, later supplemented by the document Working Together to Safeguard Children 2013. The main members of the LSCB are the NHS, Children services, Community services, the Police and the NSPCC. The LSCB is always available to help schools to implement a safe healthy environment for the students. Social services work within schools whenever there is suspicion of abuse or harm to a
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