Tda 2.3 Assignment 1

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Successful home-school-community partnerships involve all stakeholders and give them an equal voice in the decision-making process. The compare and contrast of Head Start and Reggio Emilia approaches from Task 3 & 4. COMPARE Task 3: List the ways families can become involved in school. Task 4: List ways families become involved in learning activities at home. The Head Start and Reggio Emilia approaches have respect for teacher, children, families, and community through school and home. They have the children become active learning with parent as partner, observe, learner, and support from their children’s learning. They engage families in planning activities and learning experiences in their home for their children that work in innovative, …show more content…

Task 4: List ways families become involved in learning activities at home. The families can help with learning like homework. The families can ask for extra work to help their children learning. The families can take the children for check-up and doctor appointment. Discuss the benefits and challenges of your selected approaches to ECEC. The Head Start benefits are from the teacher, families, and children learning. The families become partner with the children learning to engage, observe, and support it. The families can learn if the children have a disability or a different learning style. The children receive dental checkup and healthy eating pattern. The families can learn more about the children learning and something they did not know. The children will learn any development at Head Start. The challenges of Head Start have to find and get more resource to help the children’s learning. Head Start finding more ways the get families involve and participating with their children learning. The Reggio Emilia benefits for the right of the teacher, families and all children learning. It encourages collaborative environment and learning experience. The Reggio Emilia’s is challenge in collaboration relationships with project working with children with

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