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The most important current legislation and regulation in UK are Childrenâ€TMs Act 2004, Childrenâ€TMs Act 2006 and Lord Lamingâ€TMs report. It means that all professionals and everyone who is care of children and young people must be aware of the legal aspects. It also gives guidelines to schools and agencies how to deal with problems and issues relating to children. Childrenâ€TMs Act 2004 – it was established to offer legal groundwork to the Every Child Matters document for the care and support of children. These include for example: children should be healthy, be safe in their environments, to make positive contribution to the society or be supported to enjoy life. Childrenâ€TMs Act 2006- this legislation replaced Childrenâ€TMs Act 1989. It reinforce the strategy role of local authorities to outline the duties related to child care which include working with NHS and Job centres; secure childcare for working parents, provide information services to parents and provide information and training for childcare providers.…show more content…
In the report he mainly recommends that social services and other professionals are given appropriate training to do their job in correct manner. Like this the informations which are related to childâ€TMs safety are correctly handled and shared between agencies to promote childrenâ€TMs welfare. All schools in England apart from the main legislation (which I mentioned above) must follow policies and procedures set by their Local Safeguarding Children Boards. I can mentioned for example Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and Their Families 2000 (providing understanding and recording what happening to CYP within their families) or Working Together to Safeguard
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