Tea Clittle Jaine Character Analysis

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Jaine is very set in her ways when it comes to the men she marries. Both with her marriage to Logan and Jody have resulted in a poor, unhealthy relationship. She often defied both males, but when it comes to Tea Cake, Janie takes a back seat in the relationship. She allows him to tell her what to do. At the end of chapter 13, Tea Cake tells Janie that the only money she will be spending is the money that he brings home, which she responds with “Dat’s all right wid me.” What makes Tea Cake different from her other two marriages. Why do you think she is submissive to Tea Cake. How does their marriage dynamics differ from her previous marriage.

What makes Tea Cake different from Jaine’s last marriage, is simply, their marriage is based on mutual respect. Tea Cakes does not belittle Jaine. I think she is submissive to Tea Cake because she is finally found somebody who she is truly happy with. Plus, she is getting older. I think her age has a role to play in this because with the first marriage, Jaine was only 16 and did not know what love was. She never loved Logan. She only married him to please her grandmother. With Jody, I don’t think that she truly loved him. Their relationship was based on infatuation and that turned to disdain after they were married for several years. With Tea Cake, Janie can
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Out in the everglades people were constantly coming and going. Everybody that came to the everglades just wanted to make some money. Jaine liked living in the everglades because it introduced her to new experiences such as learning how to shoot a gun. She said “it was the most exciting thing on the muck.” I believe that Nunkie presence made Jaine a little more cautious of her marriage, but overall it was unaffected. After Jaine’s short fit of anger, they were able to joke about the situation. So it make not be were it was before Nunkie made her appearance but they still loved one
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