Tea Industry In Kenya Essay

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History of Tea Bushes
Tea originated in china. Tea plant belongs to the genus Camellia. Mainly it has expanded in the main land of South- East Asia, South of about 30N parallel. Most of the Chinese people liked to consume as a beverage after, brewing. Chinese writer cha pu, said that drinking of tea had really begun in the 6th century AD, in China. Tea had a medicinal value But, China didn’t like to reveal that secret. That’s why they hid that secret through the world. Any way other nation needed to know that secret. , the habit of tea drinking expanded to Japan around 1000AD. Tea became popular in England during 1680S. At that time, Tea was only consumed by rich person, Because of that it was heavily taxed. By the middle of the 17th century tea had been expanded to Europe. The British was able to start tea cultivation in their colony of India. From India it was expanded to Europe through Portugal, Holland, England and Sri Lanka. [Tea hand book 2008]
Tea industry in Sri Lanka
The first batch of the seeds was imported to Sri Lanka by Calcutta botanic gardens in India. It was called
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These days Sri Lanka has to compete for the place of black tea in export market. There are several tea producing countries in the world such as India, Kenya, China and Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is the second largest black tea producer and fourth highest tea producer in the world, though with the limited lands availability in Sri Lanka. Tea industry has been able to contribute 1.5% of Gross Domestic Production, 70% of agricultural exports and 14.83% of total exports in Sri Lanka. [Sri Lanka Tea Board, 2012] There are two major tea sectors in Sri Lanka. They are corporate sector and the small holding sector. Small holding sector gets the priority of the total national production which covers nearly 76%. Most of the small holders are in low country [Tea Bulletin

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