Tea Party Movement Essay

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The Tea Party emerged in 2009 as a conservative populist, social, and political movement. Specifically, the foremost agenda of the movement was to rebel against increased taxation as well as government spending. The Tea Party Movement comprised of individuals who needed to push the government to intercede in the private sector and implement positive reforms. A fact worth noting is that the Tea Party Movement is one of the various populist movements that have emerged in the United States, especially during times of economic travails. In 2009, a business commentator referred to the Boston Tea Party of 1773 in his critique of Obama’s mortgage relief plan. The commentator’s words inflamed an outcry that went viral on the Internet. Unlike other…show more content…
Members believe that there are sections of the constitutions that entirely support their actions and rebellion. For example, in the case of Obamacare, activists belonging to the Tea Party sought to challenge the Affordable Care Act using the law. Unfortunately, the arguments presented by the activists were rejected by the Supreme Court. Although the Movement has involved itself in various rebellions, its participation in opposing Obamacare was one of its most apparent movements. The passage of the Act demonstrated to be a disappointment to all the activists backing the Tea Party Movement. There has been an ongoing conviction that Obamacare was the main reason the Tea Party revolted in the 2010 election. According to the actual evidence, there is truth in that because the movement was determined to halt the implementation process of the Affordable Care Act (Brands, 2010). After the election of 65 of its members to the House of Representatives, then the movement felt that it had firmer grounds to oppose the implementation of Obamacare. In the view of the Movement, initiatives such as Obamacare represent some of the liberal social policies used as instruments of gaining power. Members of the movement have demonstrated their devotion to opposing the social policies developed by the Liberal Democrats. Specifically, the members have begun a heated opposition towards any form of
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