Teacher As A Practitioner Essay

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Teacher as a practitioner

The common understanding of being a teacher, is a person who has mastered his skills and is ‘transferring’ his knowledge to students. But there is much more to being a teacher. A teacher is not just a skilled worker. In order to fully grasp on what a teacher is, one must be regarded as being a practitioner. A good teacher is not only a practitioner but also a critically reflective one. ‘Education’ then is the name of a practical activity, like farming or gardening; it is not the name of a theoretical activity like physics or psychology. (Langford 1968) p.8Therefore, in order for a teacher to become a practitioner one needs to: apply the theory into practice, make practical decisions, have values and beliefs, have an idea of ‘teaching’, build relationships with himself, colleagues, students, society and parents, meet pupils needs, reflect on own practice, learn from practice and be a professional learner himself. This list is not exhaustive but it includes some of the characteristics of a teacher as a practitioner. Linking theory and
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It is them who should be put at the centre of all our actions. It is therefore essential to build a positive relationship with our students. This strong and supportive relationship should serve as the basis for a safe learning environment. Imagine the class in which there is negative or no relationship between students and teacher. In this case, students will have no respect for the teacher, which can result in bad behaviour, constant disruption in the class and reluctance to learning or even paying attention. It is essential them that the dialogue between students and teachers is mutual. If students have positive attitude towards teacher and vice versa it can only result in a positive environment which will benefit both students and

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