Teacher Burnout Case Study

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1.1 Background of the Study
Teacher plays an eminent role in society. Teachers nourish the youth to equip them with skill and knowledge. Teacher’s influence streamlines the youth career pathways and provides support. Teacher lusters every member of the nation in different ways. The teaching profession is recognized since long, unfortunately our society does not value the teacher’s efforts which results in the form of chaos in the action area of a teacher i-e teaching learning process which generate the situation of Psychological Stress, Lack of enthusiasm, frustration and occupational attrition b which is characterized by burnout.
After doing a difficult and tedious job for a long time which results in physically and emotionally exhaustion,
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Parker et al., (2012) discoursed that the three essential features of burnout comprise emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and feelings of low accomplishment lessened from a loss of optimism and zeal for work. Originally, it was explained that everyone experiences some stress in life, chiefly on the job (Skaalvik & Skaalvik, 2011). There are some occupations where stress is natural, due to the nature of the position, such as nursing. Over a prolonged period of time, the stress starts to add, causing in job burnout (Larrivee, 2012). In addition to medicine, fields with great-anxiety occupations contain law, flying, and teaching (Leiter et al., 2014 Great-anxiety occupations where experts are thought responsible for several areas not in their control can reason them to sense unease and frustration. Sense of stress and frustration, in turn, may disturb workers’ performance and their skill to share to colleagues (Brown, 2012; Sterrett, Sclater, & Murray, 2011).When probed to define in what way they feel, teachers who are enthusiastically and physically exhausted can tell they are tired or drained (Goldhaber & Cowan, 2014; Ingersoll, 2012). Certain teachers conveyed the sentiment their work has very minute effect on their students. They frequently criticize of not trying to get up in the morning and go to work (Martinetz, 2012). The level of link among staffs and employers and a apparent lack of resources and managerial care enhances to teacher stress (Mendler,

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