Reflective Essay: Teacher Competence

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Teacher Competences
I would not like to list all the nine competences I will point up those ones which are considered to be relevant to professional development.
Firstly, I would like to put emphasis on developing learners’ personality. As I mentioned it earlier, teachers should have a better understanding of students. I think it is important since if the teacher shows his/her interest towards students, they can have the feeling they are also important in the teaching process. I would like to illustrate it with an example. In my elementary school, there are many children who have poor background and their parents do not support them. In this case, the teacher should take care of them in order to avoid discrimination in the classroom. Children
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As communities have a motivating and keep-together force, students should learn how they could work as a group. I believe cooperative learning could be very beneficial but it requires a lot of work on the part of the teacher. During my teaching practice, I also applied group work since I realized there were some quiet students in the class and they were more willing to communicate rather with each other and stronger students could motivate them.
For me the most problematic issue during teaching the evaluation. Since one of the teacher competences refers to applying different evaluation techniques I had to learn how I can be objective when I assess students’ work. Assessing requires a lot of planning because I have to decide who and what I am going to evaluate as well how I am going to this. In my view, during this process it is difficult to remain objective and teachers should take the individual differences into consideration during the evaluation process.
I consider the most important issue in teaching is that children should experience learning unconsciously, and teachers should establish a dynamic class in which children are fully engaged in language learning and they enjoy the process.
Documents in my
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In this paper I focused on vocabulary learning strategies. I examined the questions how effective vocabulary teaching can be to pre-intermediate students and what techniques can be beneficial through the teaching process. Through the study I tried to focus on developing students’ personality as the first teacher competence describes. I concentrated on the individual differences as well. When I carried out this research I was teaching in a language school so my participant were young adults and adults. Previously I had elementary private students so I benefited from this research a lot as I could highlight the differences between the strategies that different age groups apply. This study was conducted with using classroom observation, and students’ questionnaires. On one hand, this research revealed the fact that vocabulary teaching is a very significant part of the language learning process. On the other hand, after this research I realized I have to be open to the new possibilities in teaching as the ninth competence describes I have a strong commitment to professional development and

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