Teacher Credential Goals

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I would like to continue my education at Cal State La to pursue my post baccalaureate study and earn a teacher credential in mild to moderate disabilities. Becoming a teacher has always been a goal of mine, since I was young girl. I always known I wanted to become a teacher thanks to all the great teachers I had through my education in elementary and high school, who inspired me and pushed me to work hard because they cared. But, most importantly showed me how a teacher should teach and care for their students, making my experiences in school deeply meaningful. And because of all the great support they gave me I fell in love with the profession of teaching. I knew right from the beginning I wanted to be just like them and help support my own students succeed one day.…show more content…
By pursuing a teacher credential in mild to moderate disabilities I know I can achieve this goal because I carry a great passion for education and like to help students in need. Throughout my life I have made many friendships with individuals who have disabilities and seen the lack of support many receive in schools. Motivating me to support them in any possible way and inspiring me to became a special education teacher because I want to support them and other student’s in their education. Also, currently, being an instructional aide at an elementary school I have learned that becoming a teacher is something I would love to do every day because I get an opportunity to spend time with students, while I am teaching them and supporting them, it truly makes me happy and fulfilled to know I can make a difference in a child’s life. Pursuing my post baccalaureate education at Cal State La and continuing my program will fully prepare me to achieve my goal to become a special education teacher and become the best teacher, mentor, and supporter for my
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