Annotated Bibliography Essay

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Annotated Bibliography

C. de Oliveira, L., & Athanases, S. (2007). Graduates’ Reports of Advocating for English Language Learners. Journal of Teacher Education, 58, 3, 202-214.

The authors conducted a qualitative study to evaluate the readiness of teachers to advocate for equity, along with the ability to teach English language learners (ELLs). The authors participated in a 5-year investigation of a teacher credential program with a strong reputation of preparing teachers to work with ELLs. During this investigation, the authors investigated what did graduates report about ways they engaged in acts of advocacy for ELLs in and beyond the classroom and what challenges arose from this work? The study was conducted at a California university credential program. Focus groups were formed into 5 groups of 5-10 teachers, that met for a total of 3-hours. All
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This is a case study of one after-school program on young bilingual students’ language and literacy learning using preservice teachers. This after school program is a one-on-one tutoring program in which preservice teachers in cohorts from local universities work with children to assist in the development of literacy to improve reading. The study addresses the questions of what are preservice teachers’ understanding of the purposes, goals, and implementation methods of strategy instruction for struggling bilingual young readers and how effective do preservice teachers perceive their instruction of literacy strategies to be with struggling elementary students? Qualitative analysis was utilizing to discover findings that frontloading teachers with knowledge of and attention to expanded and extended interactive opportunities allowed for increased literacy for bilingual students. The results included themes in teachers’ changing approaches toward revealed statically significant positive changes in students’ literacy
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