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Interview Tips for Teacher's Job

A job in teaching can be a learning experience as well as fun. It gives you a chance to work with a number of students and help them evolve into mature and responsible individuals. When you are facing the teacher's interview for the first time, is bound to give you mixed feelings and send shivers down the spine. Now, it's up to you to make the most of this opportunity and give a start to your career. Preparing for an interview for this post can seem like an exam that you will be taking years after the school. To make the right preparation, you might refer to many interview tips for a teacher's job on the Internet. While these clues are to help you maintain a calm composure during the entire process, they
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Make sure you have rehearsed well for this round. It is taken to assess your teaching capabilities and check if you have the ability to control the class. You must know how to deliver a lecture and what should be taught to the students in limited time. Illustrate with proper examples so that the students are in a better position to understand the topic.

6.Do not maintain a grumpy face

While you are nervous and excited for this role, always maintain a friendly smile on your face. The role of a teacher is not only to educate the children, but also assist them to solve their problems. Be willing and enthusiastic to address any doubts from students once your demo class is over. This shows you are serious about your job and eager to take the responsibility.

7.Be a listener

Do not jump in to answer the question before your interviewer or principal has completed his/her sentence. Pay attention to the question and take a moment to understand it, reflect upon it and then answer it wisely. Although one is expected to be prompt in giving answers, do not rush in your replies just to finish the interview session. Maintain proper eye contact and don't hesitate to ask for more clarification if you do not understand the

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