Literature Review On Leadership Redefined

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Leadership Redefined: an evocative context for teacher leaders is a precarious article that argues the following: that all teachers have a right, capability and responsibility to be leaders. It also evaluates assumptions and makes assessments as to what attributes, characteristics and concepts a teacher leader portraits and as stated by (Blackford 1995; Harris 2003) a fresh eye brings advantages, yet it also makes us feel as though we are starting over.
To add, the article suggests that a leader is a person who influences a group of people towards the achievement of a goal ( 12-3-2018). The article also highlights that Teacher leadership as postulated by (Boles & Troen , 1994 para. 11 ) “ is a form of collective leadership in which teachers develop expertise by working collaboratively” . The latter thus suggest that leadership is not a one dimensional concept and should thus be looked at more critically if it is to be finally understood.
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Another key area noted in the article is the notion of children are not being educated to meet the economic demands of society yet we delve on answers from an archaic approach. This approach however, has similar assumptions which persuade us that leader and leadership are the same. In arriving at a distinct difference the right qualities and characteristics of a leader must be ascertained and the problems surrounding leadership will be derived at, are what the writer alluded to. She further reminded us that individuals must see themselves as leaders for leadership to be redefined in today’s

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