Teacher Motivation In Education

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Of critical omission in this theory is the importance of teacher motivation, which greatly improves their performance in delivering education reforms. The principal also neglects to acknowledge the role power relations play in decision making. It therefore remains silent on the fact that some stakeholders may not be as well represented in discussion of the reforms, hence the distribution and sharing of ideas that may affect the reform may be omitted.
2.2. Conceptual Review
Education is considered a vital aspect for the development and transformation of any society. It has been rightly considered as one of the main pillars of a society (Adams, 1998) with the hopes for social as well as economic transformation docketed to it. It is an established fact that only those countries with a sound and well developed education system have made progress and development (Ball, 1990). Unfortunately, many governments have underplayed the significance in investing in reforms for a sound and quality system of primary education which could provide a firm basis for the future edifice of education in the country, and have instead been engulfed by political uncertainty, nepotism, thirst of power and corruption (Ashraf, 2003).
Educationists differ in their understanding of who an “effective head teacher” is because of the many roles headteachers play in providing holistic education to children (Goe, Bell & Little, 2004). It is difficult to isolate any one factor that determines a head teacher’s

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