Pupils Attitude Towards Writing

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2.2.1 Observation

After assessing pupils’ written work, I noticed that the most common error in their writing occurred when they were writing simple sentences. Pupils tend to miss out or jumble up words in simple sentences. Sentence structure is one of the most disturbing mistakes that my pupils made as it could distort the meaning that they wished to convey. Different types of worksheet, such as sentence making and sentence rearrangement, have been provided yet the error remains the same.

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Pursuing this further, I noticed that pupils tend to avoid writing task as compared to other tasks related to listening, speaking and reading. When writing-related task being distributed,
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(Refer to Appendix 1) Five out of ten questions in the questionnaire were related to pupils’ attitude towards writing while the other five questions were aimed to gauge pupils’ experience in learning writing using computer.

For the aspect of pupils’ attitude toward writing sentence, the response of pupils was generally negative. Based on their response, it could be seen that all participants do not like to write and feel that writing is a difficult task for them to perform. The result of this questionnaire also showed that participants had low self-confidence in their writing. Two out of five participants stated that they could not write a correct sentence while the other three participants felt that they could only write one correct sentence sometimes. Furthermore, three of them did not feel that their writing was good and the other two participants only felt that their writing was good sometimes. From this, it could be seen that they doubt themselves in their ability to write a sentence. Based on the response from pupils, there was no positive results given towards writing

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