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Being a proficient language user is not easy. Even the translators, interpreters and linguists define the levels of language proficiency with different sorts of terms. Turning back to the Oxford Dictionary & Thesaurus (2008), “proficient” is defined as “competent and skilled” or “well advanced in an occupation, art, or branch of knowledge”. However, the term “proficiency” implies that a language user is actually dealing with skills, because language ability is just that a skill.
In order to mould and produce students who are proficient in language, teachers themselves should have a broad and deep understanding in the field of linguistics. Indeed, a teacher’s ability to reflect plays an important role in bridging the gap between concepts and
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It is very important to teach the students the meaning of words instead of just how to pronounce them. This is because vocabulary really plays a crucial role for students that is not only required in academic but as well for practical in everyday life. A major source of not fluent in language speech is a limited vocabulary. In order to improve the vocabulary acquisition of language learners, teachers must consider how words are learned. According to Kuo and Anderson (2006), the knowledge of morphology comprises primarily knowledge about the pairing of sound and meaning in a language and the word formation rules that guide the possible combination of morphemes. With this ability, students will eventually enhance their vocabularies without their knowing. Certainly, most of the vocabulary knowledge has been made possible due to teachers’ and students’ awareness of morphology. It is known that the more morphological rules and tips students know, the better vocabulary they will acquire. Students could have formed hundreds or even thousands words. Therefore, one of the ways to enrich students’ vocabulary is by introducing them to the knowledge of morphology and automatically be a proficient language

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