Ps 200 Student Reflection

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For the first week of teaching at Ps 200 I had the job of being the assessor. My job consisted of grading the students off a pre-established rubric set by the lead teacher Niko. The students were graded on a scale of 1-4,1 being needs the most improvement in the skill area,or 4 being the student has mastered the skill. As the assessor I am grading the students in three different categories, Cognitive(the students’ mental understanding of the skill ),Affective(how well the students interact with and respect each other), Psychomotor(how well the student performs the skill). To fully assess all 12 students in the three categories it will take the whole class period. What went well in Niko lesson was once the students were assigned to their specific group, Niko introduced himself to the students and told the students what today 's lesson was about. Right after that was done he went straight into stretches. There was no wasted time, there was no chance for the students to talk to each other. This set the tone for the students right away and sent a message that they must follow and listen to instructions. Another positive from Niko lesson was the way he explained setting to the students. He broke it down to a simple concept, he told the students to make a ball with hands by your forehead, then separate your hands into the shape of a triangle, hands…show more content…
For some reason this all changed going into the last activity, they were talking when Niko was giving instructions for this particular activity. Niko paused and waited about 30 seconds and said, boys and girls when I 'm talking you don 't talk. After he said that statement, they quickly stopped talking and paid attention to what he had to say. This was a perfect example for me to see that the students have to be reminded who 's in

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