Teacher Reflection Paper

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I know education is where I can have the greatest impact. As an instructor, I lead my students on an intellectual journey through their course of study. My role is to point out the scenic attractions, highlighting particular features of the subject matter, and focusing attention on major points, important terms or concepts, relevant issues, and significant relationships. One of the most important concepts I hope to impart to students is that learning is a process that never ends. I provide the scaffolding they need to build connections between what they already know and the new understandings they seek to create. I believe the learning process can be enhanced by a collegial relationship between teacher and learner, evident pride in scholarship by the teacher, challenge of the learner’s knowledge, elucidation of underlying structure by the teacher, active connection between cases and literature by the learner and mutual feedback. As an instructor, I aim to develop students’ understanding of scientific inquiry, helping them visualize applied linguistics as a process of asking questions about phenomena, conducting investigations to answer those questions, and building explanations based on evidence. I use a variety of pedagogical methods and techniques grounded in my beliefs about teaching and learning. I know these tools must be sufficiently diverse to accommodate the varying needs of different personalities and learning styles. For example, before introducing any new

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