Teacher Reflection Paper

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I feel like I have learned a lot for Patrice in this semester. He has tough me how to be a better public speaker by being a good listener and telling the class to be a good audience, I also learned how to be a better student Patrice is a good teacher he teaches us that to be a good student the teacher has to teach with tough love. He tells us the truth he came up to me the first week of class after I gave him the first reflection paper I thought I was done and I did a good job. After I got the paper bake he asked me “can I see you after class” he was very upfront with me he gave me a second chance to fix my mistakes he told me I could do better. I also advocated for myself I failed my midterm, and I told him everything and even asked for extra credit opportunity he gave me the hard truth another example of tough love was when he asked me “what you would do in this sitchwation you become the teacher,” I told him what I would do he said I was being to hard on my self he told me to do my homework study harder and go to the extra credit opportunity. Which helped even though this was the most difficult class for me Patrice gave me confidence that is the most important lessen I have learned.
I Liked When Patrick asked how our day was it let me and the class know that he cared about us even though we were having a bad day. I like how he is relatable to the class he gives us honest feedback on are speeches, and the stories he tells for his examples are relatable to me. He also

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