Teacher Reflection Paper

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At first i think that i wouldn’t be able to be a teacher on this semester. What are a qualities of being a teacher? Is it being a good speaker enough? Is it being patient enough to deal with the different attitudes of students towards learning? Or having enough knowledge on the subject you are teaching? For me being a teacher is being able to connect with the students both physically and mentally. That every time you go to their classrooms I am equip with the necessary skills of a teacher that I will be able to impart the knowledge they need to learn. At first I was nervous because they might not participiate because Im just also a student just like them. And that they may not respect and listen to me. I was anxious on their first impressions to me as a Student Teacher. But inatead, They welcomed us as their teacher. My first impression to them on the first meeting is that they were eager to learn from us. Unlike me when i was their age who is very lazy to study and doesn’t want to listen to the teacher. My students are very respectful and diligent . I was amazed that they were passionate to learn inspite of their uncomfortable and over crowded classrooms. I experienced that no matter what circumstamces you are in, if you are truly willing to learn there are endless possibilities. Difficulties? What are the struggles I encountered of being a teacher. First i observed that if you are unproductive and not just in the mood to teach what will happen to the students that are

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