Essay On Qualities Of Being A Teacher

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At first i think that i wouldn’t be able to be a teacher on this semester. What are a qualities of being a teacher? Is it being a good speaker enough? Is it being patient enough to deal with the different attitudes of students towards learning? Or having enough knowledge on the subject you are teaching? For me being a teacher is being able to connect with the students both physically and mentally. That every time you go to their classrooms I am equip with the necessary skills of a teacher that I will be able to impart the knowledge they need to learn. At first I was nervous because they might not participiate because Im just also a student just like them. And that they may not respect and listen to me. I was anxious on their first impressions to me as a Student…show more content…
I have hard times dealing with students who are impatient and waiting for the bell to ring. Students who are disrepectful when we are discussing the lesson. I also have a hard time getting their full attention because they are busy on making fooling things towards their classmates. Sometimes they expect rewards from us every time that we go to their classrooms. Then I came to realize that being a teacher is a no easy job. You have to be dedicated to your craft. You need to have a bag full of patience. A sound mind and a sound body. And a full understanding of the subject your teaching. I am fortunate to enroll to a catholic private school. I have a conjusive environment for learning. A comfortable aircondintioned classroom so I have no excuses to give more attention on my studies. I will value my books now unlike before that seldom open and use them often. Unlike my students who have limited resources , still their eagerness to learn is incomparable. I appreciate my teachers effort for us to learn their subject. That a teacher is a no ordinary job others may take for granted. I salute my teachers for the
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