Teacher Sativation

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Some research findings support the notion that teachers give more importance to intrinsic satisfiers, while there are others who believe that teachers derive satisfaction with both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators. The description of job satisfaction is not just what the workers have about their job, but according to Deci and Ryan (2001), an excellent response to a work that outcomes from the comparison of incumbent of real results with those that are wished (Deci and Ryan, 2001).
1.What are some factors affecting job satissfaction among teachers?
The findings are consistent with previous studies on job satisfaction that found out that their are various factors that contribute to job satisfaction among teachers.Herzberg(1959),
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An effective school is one where the actions by school administrators create distinct environments that are highly predictive of the level of job satisfaction for the teaching staff (Shann, 1998). Effective and supportive school leadership creates caring relationship and foster an environment focused on academic excellence.The effective leader is displayed as a positive role model, and give teachers the latitude to focus on the business of teaching rather than being distracted with bureaucratic rules and procedures, to ens-ure that there is a productive environment. Teacher satisfaction is the most important link in the chain of education reform. Teacher satisfaction influences job performance, attrition, and ultimately, student performance” (Hall, et al., cited in Shann, 1998,…show more content…
In addition, if the teachers are comfortable with their job, they will develop and maintain high level of performance. Teaching learning process make more efficient and effective situation that could supply more highly competitive learners inside the classroom and for the work environment. In a further study conducted by Indhumathi (2011), investigating the job satisfaction and performance of 444 teachers at the secondary level, it was discovered that there was a significant relationship between job satisfaction and performance and the teachers in different categories of schools differed significantly in both job satisfaction and teaching

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