Essay On Transformational Leadership

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Teachers are reported stress as one of the high- stress occupation in various documents (Bellingrath, Weighl, & Kudielka, 2009 ; Kyriacou, 2011 ; Nagel & Brown, 2003).
According to Assessment of Stress and Its Risk Factors among Primary School Teachers in the Klang Valley, Malaysia (2010), most of the teachers are suffering at a stress level of 71.7%. This fact shows that the teachers in Malaysia are undergoing high tension and this job is just not a bed of roses. Furthermore, teachers opted for early retirement had been an issue for a long time (China Press, 7th June 2016).
In the meantime, if this stress is not correctly deal with, it could lead to low esteem, fatigue, illness and finally, burnout. The symptoms of teacher stress are often seen as (a)
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The practice of transformational leadership is described that it can move the organiser closer to their goals (Amin, Shah & TAtlah, 2013). At the same time, transformational leadership had been a choice for current research and application of leadership theory (Bass & Riggo, 2006). Bass (1985) transformational leadership is considered to be one of the leadership theories that have dominates the leadership literature for about 2 decades.
However, most of the literature only measure the job satisfaction of their employees/ subordinate (Hukpati, 2009; Werang et al., 2013; Nyenyembe et al., 2016). Therefore, current study will research about teachers’ job stress level instead of their job satisfaction. So, it is vital that the leaders have a bird eye view on the productive and to what extent transformational leadership style can minimize the teachers stress levels.
To fulfil this intention, a quantitative research will be executed to investigate how the school leaders’ that practice transformational leadership behaviours will have an effect on teachers’ stress
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