Teacher Turnover In School

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Turnover is one of the most imperative issues to organisations. Turnover is representing the movement of teachers out of the school to seek out a replacement job with another employer. When new job draws in representatives and pulls them to leave the old one. So, each school ought to endeavour to draw in and hold the best and right quality of the teachers. There is various factors impact the movement of teachers within and out of the job. This study thus specifically looked at factors for accrued teacher turnover within the school.

Compensation and benefits are essential to employees in any organisation because it is to meet their needs for necessities in life. Compensation and benefits are therefore used to encourage employees in the development
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Teachers working conditions shows the essential part in a schools’ capacity to draw in, retain and encourage good teachers. Goldhaber, Gross, & Player, (2007) cited that working environment and employment fulfilment are thought to be interconnected in the school. It is further reported that teachers who leave tend to do so because of job dissatisfaction and the poor working conditions. Undisciplined students, burdensome paperwork, unprofessional administrators, and uncooperative parents’ prompt teacher turnover also. If working conditions are lacking basic amenities such as proper rules and regulation, health and safety equipment, teaching aids, and study material teachers will not be willing to endure the inconvenience for long…show more content…
The studies also revealed that most teachers left because of poor management support and tend to consider about their job stability and every one of these stresses make teachers leave before being baffled. Furthermore, Senteza (2001) support those who mentioned about inefficient management contributing to teacher turnover. When school not compensated in an impartial salary to the employment, less support and protection eventually the school administration will lose the potential teachers. Also, when the pay rates and benefits are more lucrative in another job it can impact teacher turnover happen in the school. So, school management need to coordinate and so had to encourage such teachers and train in them the liking of the teaching profession if the turnover rate is to
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