Teachers Delayed Error Correction Techniques

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No doubt, Every EFL learner makes mistakes need to be corrected. The concept is how do teachers correct those errors?
How do student notice their own mistakes?
Student need to know their mistakes, what kind of mistakes and how to correct it themselves.
Here in this essay I 'll discuss some error correction techniques teachers can use while correcting their students mistakes both of two skills oral and written work.
The current thinking of the second language learning is the students make lots of mistakes during among the learning period.
Cathcart and Olsen (1976) found out that students need to be corrected all the time but Walker (1973) thought that if teachers correct students all the time they will destroy them instead of build
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Delayed error Correction: (By teacher)
Very useful technique. Avoid interruption is the base of this technique.
This technique is depends on collecting mistakes for the end of the session or after student finish speaking.
Here teachers do write down the mistake on the whiteboard to share with the class or on sheet of paper and after the student finish speaking teacher starts to tell what was wrong with student 's speech using a useful language like "I heard you say…."
Is that sounds right or wrong to you?
The student will focus on his/her speech trying to find out the wrong part to correct it.
(By student) Teachers have to encourage self-correction as much as possible that 's help the students to correct themselves that 's what 's lead them depend on themselves more than depending on others or on teacher and gives them the confidence to face the world and practice language without feeling fear of other 's judgments.
Peer correction: (By students)
Students can work together to correct mistakes, teachers are the monitors and they just encourage
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This man help his wif.
At this case student will give a good look to the sentence and notice the underlined words are mistakes and they 'll try to find out what 's wrong with these words and correct their own mistakes.
*Peer correction:
This is very useful technique to teachers especially those who have a large numbers of students.
Teacher divides class into two or three groups and chooses one student from each group a day before the composition is due and asks them to write their essays about any chosen subject. Next day each one of the chosen student shows his/her essay with his/her group and each group read and try to find out where are the mistakes and Take notes to discuss the errors later.
Teachers here are just monitors exactly as in the oral mistakes correction, observe, discuss than ask them to correct the mistakes they have found in them friends essays in a group work.
*Teacher correction:
If the teacher is the one who will correct the written work he/she chooses just one kind of mistakes he/she decides to correct at one time grammar errors, spelling mistakes or word order and so on not to correct every single mistake in the written work and teachers have to take some points into consideration while correcting
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