Teachers In The 21st Century

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In this 21st century, Malaysia is facing issues and challenges from the impact of globalization, liberalization and the development of information and communication technology (ICT). One of the challenges that is facing by Malaysia is to develop a system of knowledge-based economy that requires the needs of skilled manpower in order to compete with other countries. The rapid development and technology today demand the Malaysians to be ready in facing these changes. It is necessary to plan in ongoing basis about the opportunities to increase the knowledge and skills. This system requires a strong support from the education sector to produce Malaysian citizen who are knowledgeable in various fields. In reality, schools in Malaysia are now facing…show more content…
In the 21st century, teachers play a more serious role with the increasing of teachers’ workload. 21st century teacher is the teacher that has features such as rich in information, especially in science and technology, has a high level of thinking skills, constructive-minded, able to apply moral values in students as well as good in industry knowledge and skills. Teachers of the 21st century should grab the opportunity to train themselves to be more competent as a leader who delivers knowledge based on technology and ready to master and use the ICT to various fields and performing their daily activities. In addition, constructive thinking skills must also be owned by the teacher of the 21st century. The students need to be educated to practice the higher order thinking skills in order to cope with the era changing. In order to compete in the advancement of our world, the education sector must be balanced with the development of 21st century. The advancement in technology and the skill of students should be used as best as possible to optimize the production of high number of excel students in Malaysia. There are some characteristics of 21st century learning that can be exploited. Among them are student-centred learning, the use of computer, active learning, self-learning, conducive environment, students understanding and follow instruction, respect each other, students responsible with their learning, achievement-based assessment and collaborative

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