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It can be seen from table 4.2 that teachers’ lack of teaching activities became a big problem for the students. Most of the students (79.4%) conceded that their teachers seldom conduct a variety of activities (item 12). In the interviews, five students (83.3%) claimed that the teachers did not have many activities for them to participate in, in which three of them presented that most of the lessons were conducted in the same way with very few activities such as games or activities which required students’ thinking and discussions. The results indicated that the repetition of the lessons without a variety of pair work or group work activities such as games, discussions might cause boredom among students and led to their demotivation in learning English.
Moreover, the ways teachers conveyed knowledge in the teaching process became a big problem when concerning students’ demotivation. 77.5% of the students perceived that their teachers’ ways of conveying knowledge are boring and uncreative (item 11). The same results were also found in the interviews when four of the students (66.7%) stated that their teachers did not have
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74.7% of the students mentioned the excessive teaching of grammar as a demotivating factor. Four students (67.7%) from the interviews also reflected that the teachers just glanced over other skills whereas overemphasizing on grammar and vocabulary. This finding was consistent with Kikuchi’s (2009) study, in which the students complained that the class was entirely about grammar and translating and the teachers tried to make students use all the English grammar correctly. It should be noticed that the purpose of most of the students when studying nowadays is for communication, therefore, grammar and vocabulary-based teaching and lack of chances to speak English can easily make students get
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