Teachers Problems In School Essay

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Troughout this essay I´m gonna talk about some of the problems that teachers cause in schools and people do not do anything to stop them and that it is possible that students can also evaluate teachers in a way that they do with us, teachers should be an example for the students and someones are just the opposite there are teachers who are corrupt and who are only in a position on a school because they have friends on the gobernment or the principal is his friend and they do not have enough preparation or patience to deal with people and less in adolescence or pre-adolescence,I think it is an obligation of the teacher to prepare formally to be in front of a classroom, they must be evaluated psychologically, from their character, way of being,…show more content…
many of the teachers are so ignorant that they do not know that there are 3 ways to learn some of the students are visual that these are facilitated by learning to see the movement of hands, taking notes of the subject, when the teacher writes on the blackboard, and gives examples, others are auditory that with the pure sound and voice of the teacher or classmates can learn things, and the last ones are the kinesthetic ones that I think with these is the biggest problem because they do not understand that they must be in constant movement and without feeling bothered by the class to be able to learn, these people learn with dynamics, games, exercises constantly teachers often do not understand that people struggle to understand a topic and do not take into account aspects of each child 's learning, and what they do is that they do not learn much of the group because they do not train well and children pay the consequences of these people, throughout my life as a student I have also felt bad for some comment from a teacher for not learning the same as others and it is for these aspects that I believe that each student should evaluate their teachers and say what is good about him and what bothers him, that this report is analyzed by psychologists and by the authority of each
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