Teachers Role In Child Development

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In every culture and tradition, be it of anywhere in the world, one person that commands tremendous respect in the society is, a teacher. If you have read anything about Hindu culture, you will know that teachers are more revered than parents. Though parents are the first teachers of a child, the education imparted by teachers right from kinder-garden up to graduation plays a vital role in shaping the future of the child. A teacher can play many roles in a child 's life. He or she can be a mentor, guide, friend, or a philosopher for the child. The contribution of teachers in every phase of child development is immeasurable. Some of the many ways a teacher can have a role in the child development are as follows. Child Development & Family Status…show more content…
You can note that depending on the family status, kids development varies. Family consisting of a mother, a father, siblings and elderly people is the best environment for the development of a child. But a few families have single mother or father. As such, the child doesn 't get the attention that he or she can get. In some families, both the parents are working, while in other families, either the mother is working or the father. This may devoid the child of proper attention and he or she may feel lonely. But on the other hand, as the child grows, the family status may also motivate him or her. Some parents ' job may require them to stay away from their home for a few days. In such a situation, it is possible that the child becomes cranky. His or her development suffer from a negative impact and the child may avoid participating in education, sport, and extra-curricular
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