Teacher's Role In Child Development

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In today’s society, education is something that could definitely be improved for children. Teachers could improve the kind of guidance and structure that they provide for their children. Maria Montessori ,writer of Montessori’s Own Handbook, and Colin Powell , writer of Kids Need Structure, have devoted their lives trying to help reform education to be more beneficial for children. While Montessori and Powell both have an amazing passion for their purpose, they both have differing opinions of how this should happen. To begin, It is clear to readers that both Montessori and Powell have contradicting ideas about the role of the teacher in a child’s development. In Montessori’s handbook, the role of the teacher is to be a guide. Montessori…show more content…
Montessori shares her passion and desire for her hope of adult guidance in a child’s life as she states “our Intervention in this marvelous process is indirect; we are here to offer to this life, which came into the world by itself, the means necessary for its development”. Montessori uses this to express her passion and desire for children. She is stating that teachers should be patient with a child as his development evolves. She also states that teachers are there for children to offer to the life they already have. This implies that teachers have a special place in a child’s life to improve to the life that they already have by letting a child work on his own because this will give him more progress than helping him more than is needed. This shows that she wants what is best for children. Furthermore, readers can comprehend that Montessori wants what’s best for kids because she elaborates that teachers should “be always ready to share in both the joys and the difficulties which the child experiences.” Montessori explains that adults should be always ready to share in a child’s experiences. This implies that adults need to be patient with children, but always be ready to help them when needed and rejoice with them when they succeed. She also explains that teachers should always be “ready.” This display’s that a teacher should always be there to help each child and that a child should be able to approach her with any need that he has without feeling a resistance to her. This shows that Montessori wants what is best for kids, and she goes about this in a very passionate way. Similarly, Powell also wants what is best for children. Powell shows his passion for children as the states that “you’d be amazed at what you can do with them once you put them in that structure.” Powell uses the word “amazed” to describe how far
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