Teacher's Role In Education And Achievement Essay

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Teachers play a key role in students’ education and achievement. It has an impact on the growth and well-being of the children, as teachers help in molding students. Rapport building among teachers and students will have a direct impact on achievement. Indeed, when they feel loved, trusted and cared for, the students will be more eager to work in class and this will have a positive impact on the results.
At school, teachers have to encourage students to take up extracurricular activities, as well as to excel in their studies. Hence, verbal ability, content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, certification status, ability to use a range of teaching strategies skillfully, and enthusiasm for the subject characterize more successful teachers.
The effectiveness of teachers can be identified by different factors. Firstly, it is good to look at their performance at work, including what they do in classrooms and how much progress their students make on achievement tests. For instance, teachers can adopt various teaching
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For example, in a highly competitive school, the student knows that it is a must to get the best results. Following the Marxist’s perspective on hidden curriculum, a highly competitive school will encourage more individual work rather than co-operative working and the teacher will be considered as the “authority figure” which dictates rules. The hidden curriculum will only profit to the capitalist system, as for Marxism, school subjects are not as important as “values and attitudes that children internalize via their school experience” , which is the opposite of what Michael Rutter (1979) described, where “the quality of the interaction between teacher and pupils, the atmosphere of co-operation” matter. The way the teacher is going to conduct his class will determine the achievement of the student. Praise or pastoral care on behalf of the teacher will affect the achievement of the

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