Teacher's Role In Secondary Education

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As the child grows, he gets education and knowledge from his elders, school and society. At late childhood, he wants to become independent and shares responsibilities. His ego starts developing. At adolescent stage, he wants to take his own decisions and obey them. Thus, the role of teachers and parents become more important at this stage. As the students remain in the school for a significant period of time daily, the role of teachers is thus more important to give right direction to their decisions.
Secondary education is a stage where a student enters at the age of 13 years. This is the most crucial stage of one’s life. The basic perceptions and models of behavior start taking shape and problems of adjustment with new roles in life occur. Secondary education, therefore, provides an excellent opportunity for the educators and educationists to conceive and launch programmes which initiate problems of molding the learners into proper forms of behavior, attitudes which lead to productive and peaceful life in future.
The main aim of education is all round development of the child. This aim wholly and solely depends on the school. The teachers are the indispensible part of the school. So, the whole responsibility lies on the teachers who can help in the proper development of the child by providing quality education and hence making them good citizens. So, the teacher’s role is important.
With the variety of students, changes in cultural behaviors and social and emotional

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