Teachers Role In Society

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Education is the most effective instrument of transforming a society and the teachers are the most important agent of this transformation process. Individuals reconstruct their experiences continuously as a social unit and develop all possible capacities required in future course of life actions through the process of education. It is the education which brings knowledge, emotional integration, efficiency, prosperity, harmony and rational thinking to the society through different sources but the teacher is the most important and influencing agent of such transformations. Even in this technologically very advanced era the teachers are the real builders of the future generation in every society. The role of present teachers has become more…show more content…
So, the future of a society largely depends upon the present scenario of the teacher-education policies and process in which pre-service teachers are getting prepared “for future. As John Dewey (1859-1952) advocated that Education is Tri-polar process i.e. the teachers, the taught and the curriculum. In this unique and complex tri-polar education process, the teachers are the most important means who make foundations for good citizens, quality professionals and knowledgeable society. Teachers are the real shapers of future generation through teaching-learning process in the schools. The quality of a nation depends upon the quality of citizens, the quality of citizens depends upon the quality of their education, the quality of education largely depends upon the quality of teachers and the quality of teachers depends upon the quality of Teacher Education amongst many factors. The quantitative expansion and qualitative improvement of secondary education has raised the problems of selection of right type of teachers and felt the need of enriched programmes of teacher…show more content…
To attain efficiency and effectiveness in every aspects of teaching it is essential that a teacher should have high-level of motivation and healthy professional attitude towards teaching. Thus, teacher, the key factor in all educational development, needs to be personally and professionally equipped with teaching competencies, commitment and determination to perform at their best. The quality of education in a society is a direct consequence and outcomes of the quality of teachers and teacher education system where they get trained. For this professional preparation of teachers, the study of psycho-social traits held by pre-service teacher is very important. How a teacher performs his duty as a teacher is dependent, to a great extent on their psycho-social traits like socio-economic status, family environment, motivation, attitude, interest, intelligence, learning abilities and finally their achievement as a professional. Carron and Chau (1996) pointed out the importance of motivation of teachers towards their job is very important. Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO, London, 2002) published a report Titled as what makes teachers tick? A policy research report on teachers’ motivation in

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