Teachers's Influence Student Achievement

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Findings from this study add to the existing research base focused that parents, the primary stakeholders of the education system can play a prominent role in enhancement of learning achievement of students and their involvement are vital for effecting better linkages with support centres. Findings from this quantitative analysis provide information for further research, theory, practice and policy regarding parental involvement. It also provides direction for future strategies to advance needed improvement for parental involvement programms.
The outcomes of this study also suggest that teachers’ commitment influences students’ learning achievement in Hindi language. In this study six dimensions of teachers’ role commitment were studied in
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Public schools are constantly faced challenges of how to improve student achievement. Precisely, this study is expected to enrich our knowledge about the learning achievement of our students at secondary school level in terms of aforementioned variables. Also it is expected to add our understanding as to the learning strategies of different groups of students. The findings reinforces the idea that teacher and parents can work together in the form of parent-teacher association. The findings of the study would help and used to formulate policies and interventions for improving students learning. This, in turn, is supposed to help educationists, planners and parents to chalk out plans and policies suitable for the betterment of students’…show more content…
In this study three different stakeholders were included in sample frame- students, teachers and parents. Students were selected through random sampling method, but teachers and parents were not selected in the same manner. Therefore, the findings of the study cannot be generalized to teachers and parents of all religious denominations or ethnic group.
8. There are various factors inside and outside schools that contribute for the degree of learning achievement of students. To determine all the influencing factors in a single attempt is a complex and difficult task. This study only focused on some of the factors such as parental involvement and teacher commitment that influence the students’ achievement score. Therefore, future research is needed to explore the problem on a large sample from more scattered geographical regions including other student factors, family factors, school factors and peer factors.
9. One important limitations of the study was the all sampled teachers were belongs to government schools. There are different forms and categories of teachers. Therefore, a comparative study can be conducted to know the role commitment of private and public school teachers or permanent and para-teacher or general teacher and profession teachers of secondary schools of any other
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