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Personal Statement I come from a large family with relatives from a little ranch in Chihuahua, Mexico. Many of which have never made it past grade school. Mainly due to their mother, my grandma, she had fallen very ill. Due to her condition and lack of money my aunts and uncles dropped out of school to work and help pay for her medication and medical expenses. The older siblings had to take care of the younger siblings. Which for the younger generation of the family, my generation, schooling is top priority. They are always there to lend a hand to the best of their abilities to see us succeed. I am taking this very seriously and I am not going to let them down. They have come way too far and fought too hard for me to disappoint them. Education is very important to me. I take it extremely seriously. Education is an extensive investment for everyone and the well being…show more content…
The other course taught me how to estimate for insurance companies and how to repair collision damage on automobiles. I have worked in auto shops, as a service tech performing oil changes, overall involvement with tires (balancing, aligning, dismounting, and mounting), and repairing cars involved in accident collisions. These occupations taught me use my time effectively and efficiently. As far as I can remember I have always wanted to do something with cars. I have never changed what I wanted to become, it has stayed the same throughout my life. I have overcome difficult challenges in my pursuit of education. I fell behind on my credits, which was the hardest situation to pull myself up from. I caught up and past my colleagues. I am more than ready to further expand my education beyond graduating high school. I am striving to make myself rise above the rest. I will use my time and resources to effectively and efficiently become the best I can become. I will excel past all of my peers and acquire the best education I can

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