Teaching Children About Diversity

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There is diversity around the world and especially in the United States, where people from different parts of the world come. Due to such diversity in America children need to be taught about diversity and the right way, and should start from young ages. Young children acquire information faster and that is when their minds are starting to evolve. To teach kids about diversity, there are many ways of doing it, and many exercises, books, activities to help with. Children from the early age need to study the alphabetic letters and recognize them in a sounds connecting them in words and sentences. For example, in my class I will use different strategies helping children understand academic language during the lesson learning and recognizing letters and words, such as smart board, ABC song, pictures, books, and set up different activities. I need to help shy or children as a second language learn different unfamiliar words with a pleasure manner give them an opportunity to success in study.…show more content…
So, one of the most effective methods for teaching young kids about diversity is through books. By reading multicultural books with multicultural characters help children learn and love. Many books include plays between the characters, teachers can use these advantages to help children be these multicultural characters and interact as they were in it. Games, and such physical exercises also help children improve not only their literacy skills but also familiarize them with other cultures. Communication is a very important part between children and teacher during the lesson. For instance, it is very important when the teachers encourage children in learning process asking them many questions according new material at the end of the
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