Teaching Competencies

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The competencies that should be upheld by the teachers in the classroom are strategies, teacher’s behaviors and attitudes, and discipline skills. Motivation refers to strategies used by the teacher to catch the attention of students. The teacher should provide an activity that would arouse the attention of students to participate in class. The positive behavior of students is important and must be set at the beginning of the class because it has a positive impact in their attitude. The first five minutes of teaching time should be utilized by the teacher by giving out a well prepared motivation. According to research, the students’ attention span only lasts for about 10 minutes so the teacher should make use of this time in order to maintain…show more content…
The teaching strategies will be more effective through interactive activities that incorporate with technology. Based on study, the integration of multimedia technology is more effective than traditional way of teaching. Traditional way of teaching is a teacher-centered approach in which students have given less attention because the strategies were not focused on them. Traditional teachers were most likely applying traditional teaching strategies in the classroom. The use of technology was not given emphasis as the students only learned what were taught by their teachers. The learning process only takes place when students applied in the real world what they have learned in the classroom. Modern schools provide different teaching strategies designed for students. It focuses on the integration of values and technology where knowledge and skills can be acquired from different areas. Students’ learning is available beyond what is given in the classroom. Students can develop and discover their own talents through their own initiatives as they are guided and supported by the school in which learning opportunities…show more content…
Teacher’s attitudes and discipline greatly contribute to student’s behavior. Positive attitudes and discipline of teachers promote a positive classroom environment. Teachers of Holy Family School of Quezon City, Inc. have the same experience when it comes to student’s behavior such as tardiness, student’s attitude during masses and morning assemblies, line formation, proper disposal of garbage, and unpleasant noise of students. These were the problems of teachers towards student’s discipline. Behavioral challenged students were always in the equation and we cannot just ignore them. They were seeking more attention from their teachers and classmates. They need to feel that they belong in the classroom. The behavioral and emotional stability starts when they don’t feel secured and trusted with the people around them. Another factor that contributes student’s behavior in the classroom is family problems. Students are often distracted and inattentive. It manifests in their attitudes and actions. Students who were distracted tend to be anxious and unable to concentrate on the lessons presented to them. Hence, student learning capability had affected and student’s academic performance suffered. These scenarios were common at Holy Family School and student’s misbehaviors had been an issue in the

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