Culture In Foreign Language Teaching

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The role of culture in foreign language teaching. It is a platitude that language teaching is nothing but teaching culture. Thisstudy is also another evidence for this saying. In other words, the aim of this study is, in fact, to highlight the role of teaching foreign language culture in language learning and teaching. The purpose of using the two questionnaires was to find out first, to what extent teachers and students are aware of the role of foreign culture in language learning and teaching; second, to what extent are teachers aware of the strategies and techniques of teaching foreign language culture and how do students benefit from it? The study revealed that first, both students and teachers do believe that culture and language are…show more content…
We all know that understanding a language involves not only knowledge of grammar, phonology, and lexis, but also certain features and characteristics of the culture. Some authors mention different aspects of teaching and learning culture as a basis of learning language and they should be taken into consideration when they are teaching foreign language in order to motivate their students. Besides, culture associations that are part of language, as well as the socio-cultural background of the participants in teaching and learning environment, ultimately affect how and how well the language is learnt. This is due to the fact that a part of foreign language learning is rooted in culturally-influenced use of language and sociolinguistic rules that underlie it, Albertini suggests that an examination of assumption is especially important for teachers of students from non-dominant culture (that is student from non-Eurocentric, non-English background) because their school achievement typically falls below that of dominant culture students. Therefore, here we can have some opinions towards the importance of teaching foreign language culture along with teaching structures. However, there are some problems in teaching foreign language culture, especially in the way it should be taught. One of them is how to provide the cultural information needed. The other groups of teachers do not know the value of teaching foreign language culture in the classroom and they think, just concentrating on form and the syllabus of the course is enough. Another major problem is how to device ways of presenting culture in such a manner that the students can comprehend and relate to the information. The third problem is that of finding time in the class period to include culture. Therefore, many of the described techniques take relatively little class time and some take more time than the

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