Teaching English As A Foreign Language Essay

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Learning a foreign language is considered a complex and gradual process and students who want to learn it should work hard to learn different skills in practice. Writing is one of the skills which is usually ignored since most of the time, the main focus is on making the language learners able to be a good communicator of the target language. Therefore, the main goal of this paper is to investigate the problematic areas of writing which are related to coherence and cohesion of an essay, and also to give some solutions to overcome the difficulties. The problems included deficiencies in grammatical knowledge, vocabulary knowledge, word-for-word translation, cohesion errors and content knowledge. Keywords: Writing; Coherence;
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Introduction Nowadays Teaching English as a Foreign Language (hereinafter TEFL) plays an important role in many countries around the world. Teaching a language is a complicated process since a language consists of four main skills, including reading, writing, speaking and listening, and some sub-skills, including grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. Many people around the world consider learning English as an essential activity. Language learners, no matter what kind of course they attend to, should have enough chances in order to develop and increase their learning skills. “They must be encouraged to collaborate, to help each other and correct each other. They will do so if they are given the appropriate situations and consistent long-time encouragement” (Boarcas, 2011). Having appropriate skills can help language learners to become motivated, learners who have got enough capabilities in learning. Writing has always been challenging and difficult; Writing is hard since it not only needs beginner writers to produce and organize ideas in a language which is different from their mother tongue but it also forces them to generate those ideas in such a text form that is understandable to readers from a wide range of socio-cultural backgrounds as well as to the native speakers of English (Salmani Nodoushan,
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