Teaching English As A Foreign Language

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Midterm Argumentative Essay

English nowadays is an international language - a lingua franca, a language which is used all over the world. It is considered as the language of trade, business, communication and research. However, English, like any other language, carries within it a certain cultural system which is not universal. Anglo-Saxon cultures, especially The American and Britain cultures are taught whenever the English language is being?taught. For Dog Holly, Ivan Illich?s?aphorism ?the hidden curriculum??implies something interesting:??that in the process of attempting to educate, educators may well be in the business also quite unintentionally, or alienating or confusing issues of conveying repressive, authoritarian/elitist messages?.?That is to say, the very?fact of teaching English as a foreign?is to induce mainly some American and British cultural values and Beliefs.?Now, knowing that British and American cultures are integrated in teaching English, the question is whether?intentionally teaching those cultures in ELT help student increase?their knowledge of the language, or it?only?reinforces cultural hegemony and alienate foreign?students from their own culture. Is teaching British/American culture a form a cultural imperialism? If it is so, how can teachers help preserve their student?s cultural identity while still teaching world cultures in ELT. Language, being a vehicle of culture, is
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