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The preparation of teaching English as extracurricular in elementary school is divided into some parts, they are: model of syllabus, purpose of learning, material of learning, media of learning, method of learning, assessment, and source of learning.
Model of Syllabus. Based on the observation, model of syllabus at MI Muhammadiyah Gorontalo is based on the curriculum of KTSP. The reason is to put English teachers at ease in composing the material of learning. By that, the components of syllabus still refer to KTSP guideline, i.e., competency standard, basic competency, learning material, learning activity, indicator, assessment, time allocation, and learning source. The Functions of Learning.
As said by the teachers of MI Muhammadiyah kota Gorontalo, English is taught at extracurricular activities in purpose of an introduction. By introducing English early to the students, the students could produce more correct pronunciations and good English expressions. This also can develop students’ basic proficiency in four basic English skills. The introduction of English subject at MI
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On the other hand, the application of writing test could be seen in students’ worksheet. Process of evaluating through writing test can be seen the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade. Teacher in the 1st class gave a task to the students by writing name of days in English and Bahasa Indonesia on the white board and asked the students to write the meaning of this task into Bahasa Indonesia and English. Then, teacher in the 2nd and 3rd class gave a task to the students through student’s worksheet. Learning source. Based on the observation, learning source that used by the teacher at MI Muhammadiyah kota Gorontalo are cited from books and Internet. The Implementation of Teaching English as Extracurricular in Elementary

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