Teaching English Language Case Study

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Teaching English in Indonesia for all levels of students from early elementary school to teens, young adults to business professional go through difficulty. Being various difficulty in teaching and learning English for the teachers and students, come many kinds or types to solving the problem. Because of many types that introduce to solving problem and various characteristic, students’ motivation, interesting and style in learning language make the teachers confused to choose a strategy in teaching language, especially in teaching English as foreign language. More teachers complain about the match strategy to manage their class when teaching English in classroom. Besides that, students were confusing in the class when teachers teach English…show more content…
Teacher must learn the students’ interest, motivation, and learning style by the behavior of students when learning language. Teachers attempt to avoid the bored and make match style in teaching to collaborate aim of students and teacher in learning language. Teachers’ motivation in learning language is important to motivate students when use a style in learning language and inform to them about the advantage and disadvantage of the learning style. Halmos (1994) stated “Facts, Methods and insights all are essential to all of us all enter all our subjectit means that all of them are part of teaching. All of fact, method, and insight are process in teaching. Well it part of history or experience in life. Teacher just as facilitator and monitor in process language learning in class and do feedback to students. Teacher be primary responsibility in error free sentence, and develop different view error of students in facilitate language teaching. Students can develop fluency in language use. When they ongoing communication is not limited and it…show more content…
The use of CLT for some texts on the meaning and classroom has exposed the individual texts propose accounts envelop one or more aspect of CLT approach to teaching and not entirely deal with the useful desires of teacher to comprehend and the use of the approach in classroom. Although like that, it not ensure the reading text would be comprehensive treatment of these issue. In the feature, it will be a reason for the teacher in have supposedly uncomprehending the communicative approach to teaching well enough that appeared in literature (Mangubhai, Marland, Dashwood and Son, 2007).
Communicative language (CL) classroom provide with direct respond correction. The teacher practice quit when asks their pupils if have any question. They will, nonetheless, vacillate to move up their pupils for further clarification and explanation to inhibit their fear. Some pupils say that there are negative effects of CL that they are dissatisfaction with CL because some students sense that not every pupil is actively participating and interacting in CL activities. Learn and work in group makes lazy some of pupils and it not fun (Basta,
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